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These suckers are pretty creepy. I was only able to find a small one out in the backyard at Marta’s parents place, but it’s still pretty neat. I think the big ones don’t start coming out until around Spring or so. But, yeah…. These spiders were ALL over the place out there last year.

As long as I don’t run into them accidentally, it’s all good. I wish I knew what kind they were.

Creepy Spiders

I ended up picking up a new camera recently. I ended up going with a Canon IXY Digital 800 IS. It’s got a 4x zoom, 6-megapixel resolution, 1GB SD card, optical image stabilizer, and has some decent functions I like.

Hopefully I’ll get some decent usage out of it — especially for a certain photoblog site which shall remain nameless ;)

My New Camera

I don’t remember where I even got this… I think it was on eBay.

All it needs is a little bit of light and the monkey starts swaying its head back and forth peacefully.

It doesn’t really have any functional use, but — you have to admit — it is pretty darn adorable.

I admit it. I have a toaster in my bathroom. Sanitary issues aside, it is rather convenient to have…

I live in a three-story townhouse. And, to be honest, I don’t feel like walking downstairs every time I want a snack.

It’s not like I set out to have a toaster in my bathroom. It happened quite by accident. Since I’m sharing my place with someone, we ended up with one toaster too many. I put it on the sink in the bathroom temporarily and, well, it ended up being not-so-temporary, after all…

Further adding to the convenience factor, though, is that I also had an extra microwave. It’s nothing special — just some cheap model I found at Walmart — but it gets the job done.

Combine that with my mini-fridge, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc. and I have my own little kitchen right in my room.

Here’s a quick look out my window this evening. The shot probably would’ve come out better if I was closer to the window (or if it wasn’t so dirty), but you get the general idea…

I’ll probably post some more shots of the tower later. It plays annoyingly-cheerful tunes each hour and, for whatever reason, plays a bit longer at noon.

I wasn’t sure what it would be like to have that right near my room, but it hasn’t been too bad, I suppose… I don’t really notice it much any more — at least not unless I’m outside when it goes off.

A Look Out My Window

Don’t be a hater…. You know you like this stupidly big watercooled rig.

Sadly, I don’t do much gaming, rendering, or the countless other great uses for a system like mine… So it’s basically just an oversized eye-sore used for checking email, surfing the web, etc.

Every now and then, though, I write some kick-butt .NET apps :)

Ok… I admit it… I have an unhealthy love for the undead… So when I had the opportunity to dress up for Halloween, I decided to seize the moment… Rather than being a traditional zombie, though, I decided to be a Corporate Zombie… After all, nothing says braaaaains like a man in a tie… Besides, shuffling along with a briefcase hanging open is pretty darn fun.

Corporate Zombie