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Rare shot of me in front of the camera, at Franklin Park Conservatory

Who’s That?

More Chihuly at the Franklin Park Conservatory


Clarissa has a thing for waterfalls, apparently.


Greenhouse in Franklin Park Conservatory

Green House

This place has some odd (but good) combinations of plants and Chihuly artwork.

While in Ohio, we stopped in here for a bit of hiking. Lots of people, but it was worth checking out.

Hocking Hills

OMFG, the best burger ever!

The “Kitchen Sink Burger” from Ted’s Montana Grill is made with bison meat is topped with thick grilled ham, mushrooms, onions, fried egg, and bacon.

…I think I’m in love…

Kitchen Sink Burger

Every once and a while, Clarissa’s cat, “Kitten”, does something that’s actually cute…


Found her like this one morning… not sure if she slept there the previous night or what…