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Found this in Alexander Springs.

I don’t really know the back-story on it or anything…

I just like dilapidated old buildings like this.

Old Building

As far as general parks, hiking areas, and stuff like that goes, I wasn’t very impressed with this place…

The trail was much too close to nearby roads, which took away from my enjoyment of the footpath trail.

I’m sure the entrance fees are worth it if you’re into diving, but — other than that — I’d recommend skipping this place and trying somewhere else instead.

Alexander Springs

Apparently, this is the sort of trail Clarissa likes. Me? I like a nice dirt path out in the middle of nowhere. To each their own, though, right? :)


I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved taking shots like these.

Under A Bridge

My first attempt at making egusi with fufu. Mostly followed the direction from a Nigerian cookbook recipe… but I think the egusi came out thicker than it was supposed to. Oh, well. Still tasty.