December, 2007 Archives

One of the cheesiest places I enjoy going to now and then is Dinosaur World. As I tell my friends, it’s everything you’d expect — and less. ;)

I found this flattened souvenir penny in the parking lot of the place. I think they normally charge 50-cents or something, so I was happy to get it for free.

The picture didn’t come out very well, but it’s got a brontosaurus with ‘Dinosaur World’ written above it.

Penny For Your Thoughts

This is an odd carving I’ve had for a handful of years. I love Norse mythology. So how could I resist buying this when I found it on eBay? It’s carved out of deer antler. It was originally for a necklace, I think, but I like it better on its own.

Odin was pretty pimp back in the day…